Saturday, October 9, 2021

People apologize to their Teachers

Teachers are the backbone of society and the sad part is that, for the work that we do, we are sadly underpaid, under-appreciated and always under stress (not under-stressed). But the chance that we get to leave a positive impact on society through a generation of learners gives comfort and solace to a lot of teachers and leaves them with a sense of satisfaction when it is time to retire. When I think back at all the crazy students I have had in my classes and the multitude of pranks that they played on me and my fellow teachers - in most cases I have a hearty laugh. In some of my other memories, I am horrified.



  1. Maybe you are overpaid if you spell underpaid under-paid?

  2. Correct. I have since changed it. The hyphen was used to highlight the three factors mentioned. Thanks.


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